Performance Parts

The first performance products to be introduced at are Derale Dyno-Cool Cooling Products. Derale manufactures everything from Transmission & Oil Coolers to Flex Fans and Hose Clamps. We are proud to carry the Derale line to include high quality, high performance cooling products other accessories.

We Guarantee the Lowest Prices on all our Performance Products. Clutch and Race Fans - In order to keep your engine properly ventilated, invest in a clutch or race fan. Electric Fan Accessories - Necessary Accessories and Hardware designed for electric fans. Electric Fan Thermostats - Provide necessary airflow for sufficient cooling by switching to the radiator fan. Electric Fans - Designed to cool the radiator and make your drive a pleasant one. Engine Oil Cooler Accessories - Choose from an assorted products such as oil filter kits, fluid control thermostats, oil houses and more. Engine Oil Coolers - Having appropriate oil temps can positively affect the bottom half of your vehicle's engine since it relies on the engine's oil for cooling.

Fan Clutches - Fan clutches are engineered to improve the vehicle's cooling system efficiently. Flex Fans - Flex Fans provide maximum airflow at low RPM's when the vehicle speed provides little or no airflow through the radiator. Heat Sink Coolers - Heat Sink Coolers offer internal and external cooling. Power Steering Coolers - Extend the life of your pump and seal while reducing heat related pump failure. Transmission Cooler Accessories - Choose from pan drain plugs, hose clamps, transmission hoses and temperature gauges. Transmission Coolers - The number one cause of automatic transmission failures is overheated transmission fluid. Keep them cool with a trans cooler.