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Magnetic Strips, Mats, & Trays

1952 Opel Kapitan
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Magnetic Strips, Mats, & Trays

Save space & secure your kitchen utensils with magnetic strips, mats, and trays from {{website}}. Use these magnetic surfaces to store your magnetic drinkware, jars, tableware, cutlery and more. These strips and trays will help keep all of your kitchenware together and secured in one place. Avoid landslides in the RV or camper during those unavoidable sharp turns or bumpy roads. Magnetic strips, mats, and trays are ideal for the RV and road trips, where items need to be secured and space needs to be optimized. Our magnetic goods are made from unbreakable stainless steel, durable enough to withstand the ruggedness of travel. Get magnetic strips, mats, and trays from {{website}} for the best quality and variety of accessories for travelling and adventures! We carry an abundance of equipment for all kinds of fun and good times. Browse our selection and get your magnetic accessories for camping, RV trips, & outdoor excursions while supplies last!