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HornBlasters HornAir 544 Onboard Air System

By Hornblasters
Part #: HA-544
  • HornBlasters HornAir 544 Onboard Air System
  • For Honking & Capable Onboard Air Unit
  • Designed for Extreme Train Horns
  • Tank: HornAir 5 Gallon Tank
  • Tank Dimensions: 20.5" Length x 9.5' Diameter x 11.5" (With Legs) Height
  • Tank Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Compressor: Viair 444C Black Air Compressor
  • Compressor Voltage: 12 Volts DC
  • Max Amperage: 19 Amps
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: 100% at 100 PSI
  • Maximum Pressure: 200 PSI
  • CFM at 0 PSI: 1.76 CFM
  • Compressor Dimensions: 11.25" Length x 4" Width x 6.75" Height
  • Compressor Weight: 9.75 lbs.
  • Pressure Switch: Weatherproof 110/150 PSI Switch
  • Pressure Switch Voltage: 12 Volts DC
  • Pressure Switch Max Amps: 40 A
  • Stop Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Restart Pressure: 110 PSI
  • Includes: HornAir 5 Gallon Air TAnk, Viair 444C Stealth Black Air Compressor, Viair 110/150 PSI Pressure Switch, Remote Mountable Intake Filter Assembly, Air Filter Cartridges, 6 ft. 3/8" Air Line (For Intake), 17 ft. of 10ga & 18ga Power Wire, Electric Solenoid Valve, HornBlasters 200 PSI Air Gauge, Brass NPT Fittings Kit w/Safety Valve & Blow-Off, Wiring & Plumbing Kit, Mounting Hardware, Detailed Instructions, & Earplugs

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With the most cost-effective constant duty compressor available and 5 gallons of air to work with, it’s no surprise that HornBlasters HornAir 544 Onboard Air System is one of the most popular onboard air kits. While it is great for train horns, it really shines when it comes to applications where you need constant air, like air bags or tire inflation. The backbone of this system is the 5 Gallon 8 Port Air Tank, with seven ½ inch ports and one ¾ inch port. The ports are strategically placed for you to be able to install your drain cock on the bottom-most port on the tank for optimal draining no matter how the air tank is oriented. The ½ inch ports provide optimal airflow, preventing bottlenecking that occurs in other kits. The chrome Viair 444C that comes with this system is a constant duty compressor that was built to handle a heavy workload. With a 100% duty cycle at 100 PSI and a recharge time from 110-150 of just less than a minute, this system makes sure you always have the air that you need. The Viair 444c is part of a new generation of compressors that feature an intercooler head design that helps disperse heat much more efficiently. An increasing number of people are using this for more than just blasting horns! With a system like HornAir 544 Onboard Air System, you can also use the air supply to adjust tire pressure, moderate pneumatic use, inflate water toys and safety gear, supply air to load leveling bags, supply air for differential lockers, blow up kids toys, and lots more.


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