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New Pig PIG Grippy Medium-Weight Garage Floor Drip Mat - 40 in. x 32 in. Roll

By New Pig
Part #: 25801
  • New Pig PIG Grippy Garage Floor Drip Mat
  • 40 in. x 32 in. Roll
  • Medium-Weight
  • Absorbs Oils, Coolants, Water, Gasoline, Solvents, Auto Fluids, Paint Overspray, Battery Acid, & Most Other Liquids
  • Perfectly Sized to Catch Drips Underneath Vehicles Without Bunching Underfoot
  • Won't Blow Away When the Garage Door is Open
  • Tough, Spunbond Top Layer Stands Up to Foot & Light Wheeled Traffic
  • Poly Adhesive Backing Creates a Liquid-Proof Barrier to Stop Absorbed Fluids from Passing Through
  • Apply to any Clean, Dry, Oil-Free Surface
  • Peels Up Easily for Quick Changeouts

This part is universal

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New Pig’s PIG Grippy Garage Floor Drip Mat is the one-of-a-kind absorbent mat that stays put no matter what to catch drips underneath vehicles. The patent-pending adhesive backing keeps the mat in place to protect your garage floor without blowing away. The specially formulated, full coverage adhesive backing holds tight but leaves no residue. The eight layers of fine-fiber polypropylene safely absorbs oils, coolants, water, gasoline, solvents, auto fluids, paint overspray, battery acid, and most other liquids. It is perfectly sized to catch drips underneath vehicles without bunching underfoot or blowing away when the garage door is open. The tough, spunbond top layer stands up to foot and light-wheeled traffic plus wear and tear from parts and tools. The poly backing creates a liquid-proof barrier to stop absorbed fluids from passing through. It peels up easily for quick changeouts and reduces cleanup time for a more productive shop. Apply to a clean, dry, oil-free surface. Note: All adhesives have potential to lift finish coatings or paint depending on the condition of the surface. PIG Grippy Mat is formulated to work with most industrial floor surfaces, but testing a 6” square piece in a noncritical area can help you judge suitability for your use.


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