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Accel Accel supertuner gm/ford/dodge/ram/jeep

By Accel
Part #: 49505

This product is no longer offered.
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ACCEL's all-new SuperTuner boosts power across your engines entire rpm range. You want noticeably better fuel mileage at partial throttle and more power than you've ever had at wide-open throttle? The SuperTuner gives it to you. Want the security and peace of mind of a 2-year limited powertrain warranty? The SuperTuner handles that, too. How about instant throttle response, firmer shifts when you're towing a trailer, and a whole host of user-controlled features? If you have a GM, Ford, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram vehicle, ACCEL's all-new SuperTuner does all that, too é-8 and for a lot less than you'd probably think.


Performance Tuner, Chip, & Monitor Type
Programmer without Monitor
Performance Tuner, Chip, & Monitor Emissions Legality
50 State
Performance Tuner, Chip, & Monitor Custom Tuning
Can Tuner


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